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When we arrived at our hotel, 7,000 miles away from home, and they didn't have our reservation on file, I immediately called Gina's Weekend. Within minutes we were enjoying our comfortable, upgraded room. Now that's service!
- Judith & Jean
Miami, FL

I will never try planning a vacation without Gina's Weekend. They alerted me to details I would never have planned for. I felt totally confident that everything would go as planned. Thanks to Gina's Weekend, it did!
-Ingrid M.
Brooklyn, NY

I love the service at Gina's Weekend. They always respond to me quickly and have the answers I need. Thanks for everything!
-Marie L.
Elmont, NY

I had an important business presentation, but found myself worrying more about travel arrangements than my presentation. I called Gina's Weekend and they handled everything flawlessly. I was able to focus on more important things. Thanks Gina's Weekend!
-Patrick D.
Boston, MA

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